International Students of AHMU Participate in Cultural Activities for Foreign Students in Anhui Province


Themed Huishan, Huishui, Huiculture, the 11th Anhui Provincial Foreign Students’ Cultural Study Camp was held in Huangshan City from May 25th to 28th, 2023. The international students from AHMU actively participated in this event to gain a deeper understanding of China, a closer look at Anhui, as well as a better appreciation of Chinese cultural heritage and achievements of Anhui today.

In the Xieyuda Ecological Organic Tea Garden in Huizhou, international students carried bamboo baskets to try out handpicking tea leaves, observed the intangible heritage of tea-making process, learned about tea culture, and tasted the well-brewed tea. In Huangshan Scenic Area and Hongcun Village in Yi County, they enjoyed the beautiful natural scenery of the Huangshan Mountain and perceived the profound culture of ancient Huizhou. In the culinary training center of Huangshan College, they learned to make traditional Chinese dumplings and experienced Chinese food culture.

At the party held for all the participating students, the international students of our school from AHMU performed a medley of dances of different countries, which ignited the occasion. Wu Xinling, a Malaysian student from AHMU, said: This event is so enriching and interesting that I not only appreciated the natural scenery of Anhui, but also gained a deeper understanding of Chinese tea culture and traditional food culture through picking tea and making dumplings. I wish there will be more such cultural learning activities in the future that international students can approach and understand Chinese culture.

Sponsored by Anhui Foreign Students Educational Management Society, organized by Huangshan University and Anhui University of Technology, this event   enhanced international students’ recognition and respect of Chinese culture and Anhui culture, and at the same time promoted communication and friendship among international students from colleges across Anhui.

Over 170 international students (from 51 countries) representing 18 institutions in  Anhui province participated in this cultural study camp.