Our University Wins Good Results in the 9th Anhui Provincial “Internet Plus” Competition


The on-site finals of the 9th Internet Plus Undergraduate Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in Anhui Province were held in Hefei and Chaohu from July 12 to 15, 2023. Our university’s team achieved excellent results in the competition and won a total of 13 gold medals.

 Our university attaches great importance to innovation and entrepreneurship education, and has formed a working mechanism where university leaders personally supervise and multiple departments collaborate and jointly manage. Since the launch of the competition in April, the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship has carefully prepared, with active participation and preparation from various units. The university has participated in more than 2280 events with over 18000 participants, selected and recommended 75 projects to be nominated for the provincial competition. Twenty-five project teams representing the university entered the on-site finals of Anhui Province, and the scale of the competition reached a new historical high.

 In the fierce competition at main fields of higher education, 5 projects from the undergraduate creative group, such as Poison Can Be Not Used in Many Fields  An Anti Abuse Technology Based on PVA-g-mPEG Graft Polymer from the Second School of Clinical Medicine, and 5 projects from the graduate creative group, such as Look Forward to the Future of Intelligent Delirium Prevention and Treatment Instrument from the School of Biomedical Engineering, stood out and won the provincial gold medal. In the exciting competition of the youths red dream building projects, Use Medical Sciences to Rescue Patient  Promoter of Universal First Aid Popularization from the First School of Clinical Medicine, the Silk Road Medicine Fragrance Spreading the Seeds for Foreign Doctors to Study Traditional Chinese Medicine, Blooming the Flowers of Sino-foreign Exchange from the School of International Education, and the Exchange Activity of Chinese Medicine  Innovation of Urban and Rural Intangible Cultural Heritage in Dream Building from the School of Public Health won the provincial gold medals. The achievement of excellent results fully demonstrates the youthful spirit of I dare to venture, I can create, and the effectiveness from the university’s deepening innovation and entrepreneurship education reform.

 This competition is co hosted by the Ministry of Education and 13 provinces and cities. In the competition, key idea of a letter reply for college students by Chinese President Xi Jinping has been comprehensively implemented by the project of Youth Red Dream Building Journey and China Internet Plus innovation and entrepreneurship competition. Widespread entrepreneurship and innovation and high-quality development of higher education has been promoted, while the cultivation of talents for innovation and entrepreneurship has been accelerated. The competition has become a key platform to deepen the education reform in colleges and universities and promote comprehensive growth of students. The national finals of the competition will be held at Tianjin University in October this year.