Accreditation of Three Anhui Provincial Key Laboratories in AHMU


Recently, the Department of Science and Technology of Anhui Province issued Notification for Accreditation of 66 Anhui Provincial Key Laboratories, which listed “Anhui Provincial Key Laboratory of Infectious diseases”, “Anhui Provincial Key Laboratory of Tumor Immune Microenvironment Research and Treatment”, and “Anhui Provincial Key Laboratory of Brain Bank Construction and Resource Utilization” of Anhui Medical University (AHMU). Today there’s a total of 58 provincial and ministerial science and technology platforms at AHMU, 17 of which were sanctioned during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, forming a relatively complete science and technology innovation platform system of disciplines, types, and levels. It provides a strong support for the sustainable development of scientific and technological innovation of AHMU.

Anhui Provincial Key Laboratory of infectious diseases, built on Anhui Provincial precision medicine detection platform of infectious diseases and Anhui Provincial bacterial resistance monitoring center, tackles key problems in the precise diagnosis of pathogenic microorganisms, early warning of new infectious diseases, resistance gene spectrum guidance of drug use and virulence gene detection assessment of disease, as well as intestinal microecology and infection. It further improves the warning, the diagnosis and treatment, and the prevention and control system of disease based on collaborative innovation networks to cope with the increasingly severe epidemic trend of new infectious diseases and promote the prevention and control, treatment and basic clinical research of infectious diseases of Anhui Province.

Oriented to clinical medicine, Anhui Provincial Key Laboratory of Tumor Immune Microenvironment Research and Treatment focuses on the scientific issue of the mutual dialogue between “seeds (cancer cells)” and “soil (tumor microenvironment)” in the occurrence and evolution of malignant tumors, initiating a systematic study of the molecular characteristic spectrum and regulatory mechanism of the immune microenvironment at different stages of “tumor occurrence”, “tumor metastasis”, and “tumor resistance”. In identifying a series of new therapeutic targets for the tumor immune microenvironment, screening for anti-tumor drugs and new treatment strategies, this lab is working to promote the clinical translation and industrialization of research findings. 

Anhui Provincial Key Laboratory of Brain Bank Construction and Resource Utilization, utilizing the resources of the Brain Bank and Reception Station of AHMU, commits to construct a comprehensive technology platform for neural research. The lab conducts research in such areas as brain development and aging, brain neural networks, and emotional and mental disorders, providing a basis for the basic research in brain neuroscience, prevention and diagnosis of neurological diseases. Its work in the development of therapeutic drugs for neurological diseases advances of brain science research, diagnosis and treatment of brain diseases in China.

In recent years, AHMU has focused on the major strategic needs for the scientific and technological development, strengthened the top-level design and overall planning so as to integrate its long-suit labs with technological resources. In the spirit of reformation, innovation, integration and openness, AHMU has been dedicated to the construction of a scientific and technological innovation system. AHMU will take the construction of key laboratories as an opportunity to enhance the aggregation effect and original research of the technology platforms, industrial technology innovation and high-level talent cultivation, contributing technologically to national health service.