An Undergraduate of the First School of Clinical Medicine Shares His Research Experience in Journal Science


On January 6, 2023, the brief comment The Fruits of Failure by Zhang Ning, an undergraduate of Clinical Medicine (Batch 2018 of the Eight-year Program) of the First School of Clinical Medicine of AHMU, was published in the special column NextGen VOICES of Science, an international top journal (Science, 2023, vol.379, no.6627, pp.24-25, doi: 10.1126/science.adg1443). 

The monthly column NextGen VOICES is published in Science for soliciting commentary articles on fresh issues in science, technology, and other fields for young scientists around the world. This column of NextGen VOICES focuses on frustration education. It invites young researchers to share their stories of ‘experiencing setbacks in scientific careers but feeling grateful’. In the brief comment, Zhang Ning shares his research experience in the field of mitochondrial genetics with the theme of interdisciplinary cooperation. Zhang Ning tells the story that he finally successfully overcame the difficulty in establishing the genetic risk prediction model for pathogenic Mitochondrial DNA mutations through interdisciplinary cooperation. He believes that interdisciplinary cooperation has played an important role in conducting academic research and promoting the development of medicine. Interdisciplinary cooperation is significant in promoting the integration of multiple disciplines such as the integration of medicine and bioengineering, computer technology, and artificial intelligence.

Zhang Ning has actively participated in innovation, entrepreneurship and volunteer services and he has won many honors such as Anhui Top-10 University Students, Anhui Excellent Young Volunteer, National Excellent College Student of Role Model 100 of Knowledge and Action Promotion Plan of Chinese College Students, Top-10 Undergraduates of Anhui Medical University, and Yuequn Top-10 Stars of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. He published four SCI papers as first author or co-first author in the journals in JCR1 area. In addition, Zhang Ning has participated in the series of activities of New Star Program of the First School of Clinical Medicine, participated in the preparation of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Enlightenment Manual of the First School of Clinical Medicine of Anhui Medical University, and conducted many lectures sharing scientific research insights with the younger university students.